When it comes to cleaning your carpet, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to hire a professional carpet cleaning service when you can rent a machine and do it yourself. The answer depends on your priorities and the results you’d like to see once the job is done. If you’re trying to decide between DIY carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning, here are five key differences that will help you make the right choice for your needs.

  1. Professional carpet cleaning gets your carpet cleaner 

Compared to those DIY carpet cleaning machines you can rent at the grocery store, a professional carpet cleaning service gets your carpet astronomically cleaner. That’s because professional-grade carpet cleaning machines heat the water to a higher temperature and use a higher PSI than consumer-grade machines. The higher PSI means steam is injected deeper into your carpet, blasting out dirt, debris, and stains from the bottom up. The hotter water makes the cleaning process more efficient and also kills mold and bacteria that live deep in your carpet fibers.

  1. DIY carpet cleaning is generally less expensive 

Like anything else, you get what you pay for. If you’re willing to drive to the store to rent a DIY carpet cleaning machine, lug the heavy and dirty machine back in the trunk of your car, and spend hours dragging it around your house, yes, you can save a little money. What are hours of your time worth to you?

  1. Professional carpet cleaning is faster than DIY 

Anything you don’t have to do yourself is always faster than DIY! When you hire a professional carpet cleaning service, all you have to do is make a phone call, then you’re done. All of the cleaning, moving furniture, buying supplies, etc., is done by someone else.

  1. A professional gets stains out for good 

Have you ever cleaned a stain out of your caret, only to have it reappear in a few months? That’s because spot cleaners and consumer-grade carpet cleaning machines only clean the surface of the carpet. Stains soak into the fibers more deeply than the DIY carpet cleaners can reach. After a while, the grease and grime that caused the stain works its way up to the surface again.

However, professional carpet cleaning machines shoot high-powered steam all the way to the very bottom of your carpet, working out grease and grime from the upper to lower surface of the carpet, getting rid of stains for good.

  1. It’s too easy to cause damage with DIY carpet cleaning 

If you’ve got a bunch of extra time on your hands and want to save money, you may be considering cleaning your carpet yourself. But beware – it’s easy to damage not only your carpet but your furniture when you DIY.

The problem with at-home carpet cleaners is that they spit out quite a bit of water compared to the steam-cleaning professional machines. That means your carpet stays wetter, longer, which can actually promote mold growth and damage furniture legs that are sitting on the carpet.

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