Mold – Water- Fire Damage Restoration 

The next best thing to a time machine. 

Experiencing a flood or fire is one of the most devastating thing that can happen to a property owner. All you want is to get things back to the way they were, and fast. M&W Restoration’s fast response and 24-hour emergency fire and flood damage restoration services help you get peace of mind fast – restoring your property so you can get on with your life. 

Fire Damage Restoration 

After the fire trucks leave, there’s a lot to clean up to restore your property after a fire. From soot and ash from the fire to water damage caused by putting the flames out, it’s quite a mess. 

M&W Restoration specializes in returning your property to pre-fire condition by treating all the elements that have destroyed your home – including smoke stains and odors, fire damage, and water damage. Once the damaged materials are removed, our team will put your property back to normal with our restoration and renovation services. M&W takes care of everything start to finish, so you can get back to normal. 

Water Damage Restoration 

A flood, a busted pipe, water from putting out a fire, or storm damage can leave your home in shambles and set you up for mold problems in the future. That’s why M&W Restoration offers 24-hour emergency flood remediation services. The sooner we start cleaning and drying your property, the less likely you are to incur problematic mold problems.

Once all the water us removed from your home or business, our restoration and renovation services put everything back just as it was – from replacing sheetrock and carpet to making sure all your plumbing and electrical system are working properly, we help you get your life back from water damage sooner. 

Mold Remediation 

Mold is insidious. It thrives best in places that are dark, damp, and hidden – meaning you can have a mold problem for years without even knowing it. A simple leaky pipe or roof leak can cause a mold infestation that effects your family or employees’ health, so one you find it, it’s imperative that you correct the problem ASAP. 

Our trained mold remediation specialists use an effective combination of mold containment procedures, negative air pressure, air filtration, removal of mold and mold-infested materials such as drywall and carpeting, cleaning and sanitizing other belongings, and then renovating and restoring anything that was damaged by mold. Common restorations in mold remediation include replacing drywall, carpet, subfloor, and wall studs. Each situation is different, and we aim to take a conservative approach that still gets the job done right. 

If your home or commercial property has incurred mold damage, it’s critical to do mold remediation, not just fix the leak. Indoor mold is famous for causing health problems such as asthma attacks, respiratory illnesses, allergic reactions, and more. 

Need fire, water or mold restoration services? 

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I contacted M&W last Friday to come and clean one of our rental properties. They showed up first thing Monday morning and did an amazing job. My dad even asked them to come and clean the carpet at his home. They of course said yes, and were able to come this morning. THANKS M&W.
Denise Miller

A great company with fast and friendly service. I would definitely recommend.

Derek Ledford
Excellent service and professionalism! Highly recommended!
James Meissner

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