Capital Improvements

Increase the useful life of your property with capital improvements

More than a simple renovation project, capital improvements add value or longevity to your property. If you’re looking to increase the resale value of your property, add additional functionality to a building, or extend the life or usefulness of your real estate investment, capital improvements in Georgia is what you’re looking for.

M&W Restoration’s expert team of carpenters, flooring installers, tile setters, craftspeople and construction experts can help you get more out of your home or property with capital improvements.

We are highly experienced in all types of commercial capital improvements: 

  • Upgrading to new, energy-efficient windows
  • Installing a swimming pool or hot tub
  • Installing and repaving driveways
  • Installing solar panels and power systems
  • Improving handicap accessibility
  • Adding garages and storage areas
  • Upgrading rental properties and apartments
  • Replacing major structural components of a building
  • Renovating bedrooms
  • Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms
  • Adding or remodeling decks and patios
  • Adding built-in appliances
  • Installing new carpeting or flooring
  • Replacing aging or damaged roofs
  • Upgrading old siding

Repairs vs. Capital Improvements – What’s the difference?  

It can be tough to know which projects count as repairs and which projects are seen as capital improvements. For tax reasons, it’s important to know the difference. If you’re not sure which category your project falls under, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you work out which is which.

Repairs – Repairs are generally done to fix something that’s broken or damaged. Repairs aren’t considered capital improvements because they are regular maintenance and don’t significantly change the property’s original life or value.

Capital Improvements – A capital improvement increases the value of a property or extends its life. For example, fixing a leaky roof is a repair. But upgrading to a new roof is a capital improvement. Think of it this way – if a buyer came to look at your property and you said “The roof doesn’t leak,” that’s a given. The roof isn’t supposed to leak. But if you tell that buyer that the roof was just replaced, they see that as additional value and may pay extra on the purchase price because of it.

Ready to take on your next capital improvement project? 

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Derek Ledford
I contacted M&W last Friday to come and clean one of our rental properties. They showed up first thing Monday morning and did an amazing job. My dad even asked them to come and clean the carpet at his home. They of course said yes, and were able to come this morning. THANKS M&W.
Denise Miller
Excellent service and professionalism! Highly recommended!
James Meissner

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