Professional Carpet Cleaning Services 

Keeping Atlanta’s carpet fresh since 2010

Fresh-smelling, sparkling-clean carpet gives any home or business an instant facelift. Since 2010, M&W Restoration has helped businesses and homeowners all over the metro Atlanta area present their best images to the world with carpet cleaning services that transform any room from dingy to divine in no time flat.

Professional carpet cleaning does more than just clean 

Refreshing your carpet with professional cleaning services does more than make your floor look new. When you get your carpet cleaned by M&W Restoration, you also enjoy these benefits:

  • No more odors – You can’t get rid of that “old carpet smell” with regular cleaning. If you’re tired of people walking into your home or business and asking, “Ew, what’s that smell?” give us a call today. Professional carpet cleaning reaches deep into carpet fibers to remove the dirt, debris and bacteria that causes carpet odor.
  • Make your carpet last longer – New carpet is expensive! Get more years of use out of your carpet with professional carpet cleaning from M&W Restoration. You’ll be surprised just how new your carpet can look and smell when it’s cleaned by an expert.
  • Create a healthier environment – Allergens, bacteria and mold hide in your carpet fibers, only to get kicked into the air – and breathed in by you – every time someone walks across the room. Professional carpet cleaning removes dangerous respiratory irritants from your carpet so you can breathe easy.

DIY carpet cleaning doesn’t stack up 

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, the carpet cleaning machines you rent at the grocery store don’t come anywhere close to the power and effectiveness of a professional carpet cleaning machine.

Consumer-grade carpet cleaning machines, like the kind you rent, are great for spot cleaning or light maintenance, because they’re more effective than a vacuum. But for a truly deep clean, the kind that removes odors, stains and allergens, only a professional-grade carpet cleaner will do that.

The power behind professional carpet cleaning services 

So how do the professional-grade carpet cleaning machines, like the kind we use at M&W Restoration, do such an amazing job?

Two things: PSI and temperature.

What’s the hardest part of cleaning your carpet? Besides lugging around a dirty, heavy machine, it’s trying to get stains out of your carpet. Consumer-grade machines only clean the top surface of the carpet, so stains reappear after a few weeks. On the other hand, professional-grade machines use super-high PSI steam that blasts all the way to the bottom depths of your carpet, blowing all the dirt, grime and debris from your carpet.

When steam is injected deep into the carpet, it blows the grime that causes stains out from the bottom up – so you know they’re gone for good and won’t reappear in a few months like they do with those grocery store carpet cleaners.

Schedule your professional carpet cleaning today! 

Ready to enjoy sparkling clean, fresh-smelling carpet, without the expense of replacing? Schedule your professional carpet cleaning from M&W Restoration today.

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I contacted M&W last Friday to come and clean one of our rental properties. They showed up first thing Monday morning and did an amazing job. My dad even asked them to come and clean the carpet at his home. They of course said yes, and were able to come this morning. THANKS M&W.
Denise Miller
A great company with fast and friendly service. I would definitely recommend.
Derek Ledford
Excellent service and professionalism! Highly recommended!
James Meissner

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