Carpet Cleaning Services in Atlanta

Professional carpet cleaning helps your carpet last longer!

Need an instant improvement in the look of your Atlanta home or business? Professional carpet cleaning will get you there. Pro carpet cleaning can transform your dingy, stale-smelling carpet into gorgeous, fresh flooring in just a few hours – without the expense of replacement!

Benefits of professional carpet cleaning in Atlanta 

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned does so much more than making it look newer and nicer. With M&W Restoration’s carpet cleaning dream team on the job, you can bank on getting a lot more for your money than just a clean carpet, such as:

  • Longer useful life – Anything well-kept lasts longer! Regular steam-cleaning helps your carpet stay in better shape for longer, so you get more useful life from your flooring investment. With consistent cleaning, you’ll avoid the build-up of dirt, grime, stains and odors that leave property owners with no choice but to replace their carpet years earlier.
  • Fresher indoor scent – The deep, soft texture of carpet is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it provides softness and noise reduction. But on the other hand, it holds onto odors. Professional steam cleaning not only gets rid of odors but also kills bacteria that contribute to that “old carpet smell.”
  • Healthier Indoor Air  – Deep in the fibers of your carpet, allergens, bacteria and mold hide until they’re kicked into the air – and inhaled – when someone walks across the room. In Atlanta, not only does that mean dirt, but pollen, too, long after allergy season is over. Professional carpet cleaning services will remove respiratory irritants like pollen from your carpet and create a healthier indoor environment for you, your family and your employees.

DIY carpet cleaning versus professional steam cleaning  

You’ve certainly seen them – the household carpet cleaners you can rent at the grocery store or home improvement warehouse. Though these machines are fine for the occasional freshening up of your carpet at home, they simply cannot provide the deep, dramatic cleaning that professional services provide.

For a truly deep-down clean, nothing beats professional carpet cleaning services, especially here in Atlanta, where weather, pollen, and red clay combine to give our carpets a run for their money unlike anywhere else in the country.

What makes pro carpet cleaning different? 

Carpet cleaning pros have an advantage, because the machines they use to steam clean residential and commercial carpet pack more of a punch in both PSI and temperature than the consumer-grade machines you can rent at the grocery store.

With a higher PSI and higher temperature, commercial-grade professional carpet cleaning machines are better able to remove stains, dirt, grease, bacteria and odors from deep within the carpet fibers so they’re really, truly gone for good – unlike consumer-grade machines that only clean the top portion of the carpet.

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Excellent service and professionalism! Highly recommended!
James Meissner
I contacted M&W last Friday to come and clean one of our rental properties. They showed up first thing Monday morning and did an amazing job. My dad even asked them to come and clean the carpet at his home. They of course said yes, and were able to come this morning. THANKS M&W.
Denise Miller

A great company with fast and friendly service. I would definitely recommend.

Derek Ledford

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